Moving to New Zealand

We've made it easy for you to move your money to New Zealand. If you meet our criteria we'll have an Eftpos card ready when you arrive and we can quickly arrange any other services you might need.

How it all works 

Before you arrive in New Zealand

Step 1: Open an account 

If you're overseas, you can apply online to open a bank account and it will be ready for when you arrive in New Zealand.

Once you're in New Zealand, you'll need to activate your account to make it fully functional. 

Step 2: Account is set up but not activated

In most cases we’ll set up your bank account within three to five working days and assign you a dedicated migrant banking specialist who can provide financial advice to help you prepare for your move to New Zealand. To get your account set up, we won’t need copies of your ID or other documents, but we’ll need to check them once you're here in New Zealand so that your account can be activated.

Although your account will be set up, it will be like a holding account which means you'll be able to move money into the account but you won't be able to make any withdrawals until the account has been activated in New Zealand. 

If you're wanting to open an account so you can apply for an IRD number, you will need to have a fully functional bank account. See more information about this from  Inland Revenue.

Step 3: Move your money into your new account

Moving money into your account

Once your account has been set up you can move money into it. Your exchange rate will be the market rate at the time of transfer. A processing fee will apply.  You won’t be able to make withdrawals until the account is activated. 

Internet Banking

  • If you choose to register for Internet Banking* (read-only view at this stage), you’ll be able to see any deposits you make before you arrive.
  • If you choose not to register for Internet Banking (read-only view), you can email us for confirmation of any deposits you make before you arrive.

If your plans to move to New Zealand change for any reason, or your account is not activated within 12 months of being opened, your funds will be returned to the account you transferred them from.  

Once you're in New Zealand

Step 4: Activate your account

Before you arrive in New Zealand, make an appointment to visit your migrant banking specialist here to:

  • provide identification requirements
  • complete your documentation
  • activate your account
  • pick up your new Eftpos card.

If you applied for a joint account, you’ll both have to be present at the same time.

Once activated, your account will be fully functional which means you’ll be able to make withdrawals.

Step 5: Set up other services, insurance and credit cards

Once your account is activated, we may also be able to arrange internet and telephone banking, contents and vehicle insurance, credit cards, and other products or services you require.  Lending criteria, terms and fees apply.

Why Bank of New Zealand?

We’re one of New Zealand’s leading full-service banks and we’ve been helping people start a new life in this country since 1861. We offer online account opening options, competitive exchange rates and friendly, efficient service. Here’s some information to help you get to know more about us and the products and services we can offer.

Migrant help and support

If you need help, contact our New Zealand team on +64 9 976 6318 (international charges will apply) or

You can also contact our migrant teams around the world.
United Kingdom: +44 207 710 1930 or
Australia: +61 3 8634 1393
China: +86 21 2089 0288
Singapore: +65 6419 6875
Hong Kong:   +852 2826 8111
India: +91 22 6198 8200

Small Print

*Internet Banking terms and conditions apply.

Our normal account opening criteria apply. The full details of the standard terms and conditions applying to New Resident Accounts and a copy of our disclosure statement are available on this website.

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) is a registered and incorporated bank in New Zealand. It is regulated in respect of its deposit taking business by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Deposits with BNZ are not covered by any deposit guarantee scheme in New Zealand or any other jurisdiction but are covered by an independent dispute resolution scheme operated by the New Zealand Banking Ombudsman and approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs (for the purposes of the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008). Before acting on any advice in this advert, BNZ recommends that you consider whether it is appropriate for your circumstances. This product is issued by Bank of New Zealand. Bank of New Zealand is wholly owned by National Australia Bank Ltd which is an Australian incorporated company.