Cheque Buy rates for JPY, HKD, SGD and CHF will no longer be available from 1 September 2017

Cheques issued in JPY, HKD, SGD and CHF can be requested via Overseas Cheque Collection or the cheque issuers can make an international payment via Telegraphic Transfer into an account.

International help and support

Small Print

Rates are shown for information purposes only and are updated on business days only

All rates listed are foreign units to one NZ Dollar (NZ$1)

To purchase foreign cash a 1% fee and $10 minimum applies

TT Buy and TT Sell rates apply to electronic International Money Transfers

When converting Foreign Cash to NZ Dollars a $5 fee will apply to non-BNZ customers.

Foreign Cash Buy transactions for non-BNZ customers are restricted to a maximum value of NZ$1,000.