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Whether you need to check exchange rates, send money overseas, or get ready for travel, we’ve got you sorted.

Popular foreign exchange rates

A 1% fee (minimum of $10 per currency) applies when you purchase foreign cash. Rates subject to change without notice. 

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Order your foreign currency online 

Earn 10 Flybuys when you purchase NZ$500 or more of foreign cash^. Order online at least seven business days before you need it, and pick up from a BNZ branch of your choice^^.

Order foreign currency

International payments

Sending money overseas

You can make international payments (also known as telegraphic transfers) to an overseas bank account using Internet Banking.

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Receiving money from overseas

Get overseas payments deposited directly into your New Zealand bank account. You may need to provide the sender with a few details, including a SWIFT BIC code. Money will clear when the transfer arrives.

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Managing your foreign currency

Foreign Currency Term Deposits

Earn a competitive return on a lump sum of foreign currency you don’t need for a while with a Foreign Currency Term Deposit.

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Foreign currency accounts

Hold a wide range of overseas currencies and convert it when the exchange rate is right for you.

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Get ready to go travelling

From savings accounts and travel insurance, to credit cards and the handy BNZ Convert It app, we’re here to help out with your travels, before you take off and while you’re away.

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Moving to New Zealand 

You can tick one thing off your ‘to-do’ list by opening a bank account before you arrive, so it’s one less thing to do when you get here.

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