Get your foreign currency sorted before you take off

Check out the latest foreign exchange rates and order your foreign cash online, so you can get going faster. 

Foreign exchange rates

Plan ahead and work out how much foreign cash you're going to need for your trip. See all foreign exchange ratesWhen purchasing foreign cash, a 1% fee applies (minimum $10).

Get your travel money sorted

Whether you’re  jetsetting off on a European OE, hitting the slopes in Japan, or just popping across the ditch, don't forget to sort out your travel money before you go. Learn more

Credit or debit card

Pay for things like hotels or rental cars with a BNZ Flexi Debit Visa^ or credit card.  You can also manage your accounts through Internet Banking while you’re away. 

See our credit cards

Foreign cash

It’s helpful to take a small amount of the local currency for things like taxis, tipping or grabbing a coffee.

Order foreign currency online now

Cash Passport

Load multiple currencies on to one card and use it worldwide. Comes with chip and PIN security, making it safer than carrying large amounts of cash.^

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Overseas payments

Sending payments overseas

Send an electronic payment to an overseas bank account or post an international cheque.

More about sending money overseas.

Receiving payments into NZ

Get overseas payments deposited directly into your bank account. Money cleared as soon as the transfer arrives.

More about receiving overseas payments.

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Small Print

  1. Rates subject to change without notice.

  2. A $10 annual card fee applies. Fees subject to change. Foreign currency services fees apply. Overseas ATM withdrawal fee applies.

  3. Cash Passport terms and conditions and BNZ service fees apply. Overseas charges may apply.