Stay in control of your money while you travel

The world doesn’t stop while you’re away, but we can help you stay on top of things even while you’re moving around.

Get set up before you set off

Cards for everyday expenses

Use a BNZ credit or debit card to pay for the day–to–day things you need — or 'must–have' along the way.^Our cards provide world leading security features to help protect against fraud, and our BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum comes with up to 90 days travel insurance at no extra cost.^

Choose a card

Our card travel insurance

Convenience of local cash

It’s a good idea to take some local currency with you for things like taxis, tipping or grabbing a coffee. Order your cash online^at least five business days in advance, and pick it up at one of our stores.^You can also buy Australian dollars directly from selected ATMs in Auckland.

Order foreign exchange

Check out exchange rates

Be prepared for the unexpected

If you’re not already covered with BNZ Advantage Visa Platinium card travel insurance, get our travel insurance cover online. You and your family can be covered in minutes,^ and with a 24-hour emergency assistance helpline, you know you’ll be covered if something unexpected happens. We can also help with optional cover if you’re travelling for business.

Get travel insurance online

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Nine currencies on one card

Cash Passport^ is a reloadable prepaid travel money card that lets you hold multiple currencies on one card. Buy the currency before you travel and lock in exchange rates so you’ll know how much money you have to spend. A Cash Passport is PIN protected, and comes with a back-up card in case one is lost or stolen. You can purchase a Cash Passport from us in store.

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Stay in control when you’re overseas

Access your accounts

Check your balances, move money between BNZ accounts,^or pay bills easily with our secure Internet Banking.^Use our Mobile Banking and clever app for iPhone, iPad and AndroidTM for even more flexibility to keep track of your accounts on the go. 

Pay your bills

Set up automatic payments in Internet Banking for bills that you pay regularly – like your rent, or payments to a credit card or savings account. You can also set up automated text or email alert messages^ to tell you your account balances and remind you when payments are due. 

Use overseas ATMs

You can use your BNZ credit or debit cards at most ATMs around the world.^You’ll need to visit us in store  before you go, to get a PIN loaded. We can also set up your BNZ Visa with your BNZ accounts so you can access them at overseas ATMs showing the PLUS symbol.

Protect your money

Let us know when and where you’re going overseas, and if you plan to use your BNZ cards. Take your NetGuard card so you can access Internet Banking while you’re away. When you return to New Zealand use a BNZ ATM for a balance enquiry or to get cash out so we know you’re back. 

Let your concierge sort out the details

If you’re a BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum cardholder, let the concierge book you a hotel, or make a last–minute dinner reservation, anywhere in the world.

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