Foreign Currency Term Deposit

If you have a lump sum of foreign currency that you don't need to access for a while, you can earn a competitive return with a BNZ foreign currency term deposit  and there are no account fees to eat away at your investment.

Changes to term deposit early withdrawals

If you’d like an early withdrawal from your term deposit, you must now give us 31 days’ notice prior to the date you wish to break the deposit, unless you are experiencing hardship.

If we agree to an early withdrawal from your term deposit, you might receive a reduction in the interest paid to you (as currently occurs).

If you have any questions about this change, please call us on 0800 275 269 or visit any BNZ store.

A range of terms with competitive interest rates

  • BNZ foreign currency term investments are available from seven to 180 days
  • Minimum balances apply
  • Your foreign currency is held in New Zealand, not overseas
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid at the end of the term.

Flexible options at the end of your term

  • Add to your funds and reinvest
  • Reinvest for the same term or choose a different one
  • Withdraw some currency and reinvest the rest
  • Withdraw the full amount.

Early withdrawals

You can ask to withdraw all or part of your Foreign currency term deposit prior to the Maturity Date;

(a) by telling us 31 days’ before you want to withdraw; or
(b) if you are experiencing hardship (as reasonably determined by us).

If we agree to an early withdrawal for either of the above reasons, an adjustment of interest earned may apply.

If you have any questions about this change, please call us on 0800 275 269 or visit any BNZ store.

Foreign currency term deposit interest rates

USD - United States Dollars AUD - Australian Dollars CAD - Canadian Dollars HKD - Hong Kong Dollars
GBP - Great Britain Pounds EUR - European Community Euro SGD - Singapore Dollars JPY - Japanese Yen
  • These per annum interest rates are indicative only, and are updated on business days.  
  • Interest is calculated daily, based on a year having 360, 365 or other, number of days, depending upon the accounting convention relating to the currency.
  • Minimum investment levels (i.e. the minimum amount stated in Tier 1) and thresholds are subject to change at BNZ's discretion, without notice.
  • "O/A" means rates are available on application.
  • For information on these interest rates, please contact us.

Small Print

BNZ service fees may apply.

Further details, a copy of our Standard Terms and Conditions (which include foreign currency accounts and term deposits) and/or a Disclosure Statement may also be obtained from any BNZ store.

The information and recommendations on are provided for general information purposes only. To the extent that any such information or recommendations constitute financial advice, they do not take into account any person’s particular financial situation or goals. We recommend that you seek advice specific to your circumstances from your financial adviser.

The BNZ Standard Terms and Conditions (in particular, the terms and conditions for foreign currency accounts and Term Deposits) apply to the Service.