Topping-up means that you borrow money in addition to the loan you used to purchase your home (using the equity you have in your home). The top-up can be added to your existing home loan,^ or taken out as an additional loan.

Borrow the amount you need

The minimum amount of a home loan top-up is $5,000.^^The amount you are able to borrow depends on:

  • what the top-up is for
  • how much of your home loan you've already paid off
  • the value of your home and what your Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) is^^
  • if you can afford the repayments of the new home loan amount(s) (once you've added your top-up amount).

You should give us a call to talk through your options if you are topping up and:

  • you have an LVR of over 80%, or if topping up your home loan pushes your LVR over 80%^
  • you have a residential investment property and you have an LVR of over 65%, or if topping up your home loan pushes your LVR over 65%
  • you have a HomeAdvantage Mastercard, as topping up may impact your HomeAdvantage Mastercard interest rates.^

Get a competitive interest rate

Because you are using the equity in your home to take out a top-up you can take advantage of home loan interest rates, which are lower than the usual interest rate of a credit card or personal loan, meaning you'll pay less interest on your home loan top up.

Choose how you want to borrow

There are two ways you can top-up your home loan:

  • increase your existing home loan^
  • structure the top-up as a separate loan. Check out our range of home loans that are available for you to structure your top-up.

If you structure the top-up as a separate loan, you can fix the interest rate on your top up, so you know exactly what your repayments will be. If you choose a floating interest rate, you could make additional lump sum repayments or change your repayment amount. Or you could shorten the time you have to pay back the top-up and get debt-free faster. You might also want to change your rewards programme.


If you want to use your top-up to do major renovations to your home, which may need a building consent, there's additional information we'll need. Let us know what your plans are and we'll let you know what you need to provide. For instance, we might ask you for copies of the building plan, building contract, council consent, or a new registered valuation.

Get your extra repayments back

If you've made extra repayments to your home loan (on top of your regular minimum repayments), you may be eligible to borrow back ('re-draw') these additional repayments, without having to go through the full application process.^ The minimum amount you can borrow back is $3,000.

Unfortunately, you can't do this if:

  • you have a home loan on a fixed interest rate
  • you have an interest only home loan
  • you want to use the re-drawn amount for home renovations or construction that requires a building permit
  • you've paid off a significant amount of your home loan through the sale of property
  • the amount you want to borrow is more than the total of your extra repayments.

Top up fee waived for Christchurch initiative

We’re proud to support the Christchurch City Council and EECA’s Build Back Smarter initiative in Christchurch. Build Back Smarter is a free service for people in Christchurch and it offers advice and recommendations encouraging homeowners to build warmer, drier, and healthier homes. 

To show our support, we'll:

  • waive the home loan top up fee for any top up needed to carry out home improvements in conjunction with Build Back Smarter
  • reduce the minimum top up amount to $2,000 (usually $5,000).

Visit your local Christchurch branch for more information.

Find out more about Build Back Smarter

Apply for a top-up