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Rates and fees^

NameTypeFloating^6 months1 year18 months2 years3 years4 years5 years7 years
Offset -%                
Standard/Fly Buys^
Fixed or floating -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -%
Fixed     -%   -% -%        
Mortgage One Revolving -%                
Rapid Repay^
Revolving -%                

Standard fees

  • Personal home loan set up: Up to $400.
  • Non-personal home loan set up (such as for an investment property or a family trust):  Up to 1% of the amount of the loan.
  • Re-fix or roll over: No fee^
  • Top up your loan: Up to $150.
  • Redocumentation if required: $150.
  • $25 each time we have to pay council rates for your property on your behalf.
  • Rapid Repay revolving home loan: $2 monthly base fee, 35 cents per electronic transaction and 75 cents per manual transaction.
  • Mortgage One revolving home loan: $2 monthly base fee.

See our personal fees guide pdf 535kb and Home Loan Facility Master Agreement pdf338kb for more information.

Low equity interest rate premium

A low equity interest rate premium will apply to all loans with less than 20% equity (more than 80% Loan to Value Ratio – LVR).  If you have:

  • between 80.01% – 85% LVR you’ll pay a premium of 0.35%
  • between 85.01% – 90% you’ll pay 0.75%
  • between 90.01% – 95% you’ll pay 1.00%
  • over 95.01% you’ll pay 1.15%. 

Default interest rate

A default interest rate may apply if a loan repayment is not made when it is due. The default interest rate is the current interest rate that applies to your loan, plus 2.00% p.a.

Home loan calculators

Use our calculators as a guide to find out what you could borrow, pay and save.

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How much you could borrow

Work out how much you might be able to borrow based on the size of your deposit, your current income and expenses.

line calculator

Work out your repayments

Finding out what your mortgage repayments might be can help when budgeting for and choosing a home.

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Save with an offset loan

Work out how much you might be able to save on interest, and off the overall length of your TotalMoney home loan.

Small Print

All home loans are subject to our lending criteria (including minimum equity requirements), terms and fees. Interest rates are subject to change. An establishment fee of up to $400 may apply for personal lending (the fee may be different for non-personal lending). Not for business purposes. Where applicable, a residential investor margin of 0.25% p.a. will apply.

  1. Rates subject to change without notice.

  2. These rates may differ for existing home loan customers. For more information please call us free on 0800 275 269.

  3. TotalMoney Terms and Conditions apply.

  4. BNZ (and its related companies) do not guarantee the redemption of Fly Buys or that Fly Buys will continue to be offered for products or services provided by them. The BNZ Fly Buys home loan is also known as the BNZ Standard Home Loan. Fly Buys terms and conditions apply.

  5. Classic fixed rates are only available when you have at least 20% equity in the property provided as security. This rate is not available for some investor lending. For residential property investors, more equity may also be required where Reserve Bank minimum equity restrictions apply. A BNZ transactional account with your salary or wages credited and one other product is required. A ratelock break fee and early repayment charges may apply. Some packaged offers may not apply to this rate.

  6. Additional Account, Service and Facility Fees may apply.

  7. For individual customers (where the customer is a natural person and not a company/trust) if the loan is wholly or predominantly for personal, domestic, or household purposes. For all non-personal lending (including, but not limited, to cases where investment properties, family trusts or companies are involved) a fee of up to 1% of the loan may be charged for this service.

Read our full home loans terms and conditions