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We can help you choose the type of home loan that best suits your budget and lifestyle.

Changes to our home loan rates

For all new lending entered into from 23 October 2018, we have two different interest rate types. Either a Residential Owner Occupied rate^ or a Residential Investor rate^ will apply depending on how your lending is secured.

For all home loans entered into before 23 October 2018, see applicable rates here.

Fixed rate (Classic)

Our fixed interest rate Classic home loan, is great for those who like the certainty of knowing exactly how much each regular repayment will be. Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments, for the fixed term of the loan. Minimum equity and product eligibility criteria applies^. More about fixed rate home loans

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Fixed or floating rate (Standard/Fly Buys)

Our Standard/Fly Buys home loan^ is ideal for those who want flexibility, and like to earn rewards. You can make extra or lump sum repayments if you’re on a floating rate, and if you’re on a fixed rate, you may also be able to make some additional repayments per year^. More about fixed and floating rate home loans

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Offset (TotalMoney)

TotalMoney is great for those who want to save on interest and pay off their home loan faster, using the balances of their everyday accounts. TotalMoney looks at the combined balances of your TotalMoney everyday accounts and subtracts these from the balance of your TotalMoney home loan, so you only pay interest on the remaining amount^More about TotalMoney

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Revolving (Rapid Repay and Mortgage One)

A revolving home loan is like having a big overdraft on an everyday transaction account. Your income is direct credited into the home loan account and you use it to pay your expenses as and when you need to. Keeping your daily balance as low as possible will mean you’ll pay less interest, and a floating interest rate means you can still make lump-sum repayments whenever it suits. More about revolving home loans

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Features of our home loans

Structured to suit

Choose one of our fixed or floating rates, or mix and match a combination of the two by splitting your mortgage into fixed and floating portions.


Tailored repayments

By making a small increase to your repayments each year you could save thousands in interest and shave years off your home loan^.

Lock in a rate

If you like the look of one of our fixed rates, we can hold it for up to 60 days so you don’t miss out^.

Range of term options

We offer home loan terms of up to 30 years, and can work with you to choose the best term for your circumstances.

Option to pay extra

You can repay any amount, anytime with our floating home loans. For fixed loans, you may be able to make some additional repayments per year^. Not available on Classic home loans.

Re-draw funds

You may be able to access extra repayments you’ve made on your loan above the required minimum, if you need to^. This is only available while your loan is still on a floating interest rate.

Talk to a mobile mortgage manager

Our mobile mortgage managers will come to you, whether you need help choosing your first home loan, want expert advice or are looking to switch to BNZ^.

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