Once you experience YouMoney, you’ll never want to go back

YouMoney starts with an account. And follows with an online banking experience like you’ve never seen before.

What you’ll get with YouMoney

line accounts

25 accounts

Get up to 25 accounts and allocate them to different day-to-day expenses or saving goals. It’s up to you.^

line five

One low fee

A $5 monthly fee covers all your accounts and transactions.^ Waived for students, graduates, apprentices, those 18 and under^ or those receiving superannuation.^

line personalise


When you're banking online, add images to your accounts and payees, for easy recognition. You can use your own or choose from our library.

line drag drop

Move money easily with drag and drop

In Internet Banking, you can drag and drop money between your accounts or to pay bills. It’s super quick and really simple.

line search

Find your transactions in a flash

Search for transactions using names, amounts, or terms like ‘more than’ in Internet Banking. Results are filtered as you type, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

line open close account

Open and close accounts in seconds

Whether you need three accounts or 23, it's easy to open and close accounts. You can do this in Internet Banking whenever you like. 

Take it with you

With apps for iPhone, iPad and Android™, it’s easy to transfer money, pay bills, open accounts or check your balance without logging in. 

Add accounts in a snap

To get started you’ll need to open a YouMoney transaction account. From there, you can add up to 24 YouMoney accounts for all your everyday expenses — or add a few of our popular savings accounts, as you need them.


Get unlimited transactions on up to 25 accounts. Optional interest-free overdraft of up to $2,000 for students, graduates and apprentices.^

Rapid Save

Earn bonus interest if your balance increases each month (on top of any interest earned),  and you make no more than one withdrawal per month.^ Your bonus interest is not affected by any Rapid Save fees. More about Rapid Save.

Personal OnCall

Access your money whenever you need and still earn interest. Good if you need to sometimes dip into your savings.^More about Personal OnCall.

“Love your new YouMoney account! It makes my banking so easy and actually quite fun. Also makes me save more with the option of adding goals. Works great on the mobile app! Good work BNZ :) Glad I made the switch from ASB. Was totally worth it!”

— Larissa Hastings

Special deals for students

Students, apprentices, and recent grads are always eligible for a YouMoney fee waiver and other benefits like interest-free overdrafts and discounted personal loans.^^

Everyday accounts rates, fees and benefits

We have a range of transaction and savings accounts to help you reach your goals faster.

See our rates and fees

Small Print

Account opening and lending criteria, terms and fees apply. Establishment fee and facility fees also apply. BNZ's standard terms and conditions apply to all BNZ transaction and savings accounts. Our disclosure statement may be obtained here or from any BNZ store.

  1. YouMoney is only available for individuals and joint accounts. Each YouMoney account must be able to be operated by one signatory under the account operating authority.

  2. Fees are subject to change. Fees are charged on the last business day of each calendar month and are based on the period between the last business day of the previous calendar month and the second to last business day of the current month, inclusive.

  3. YouMoney fee waiver/discount and other product benefits are available to full or part time (ie: enrolled for at least one paper per semester) students/apprentices while you are studying for a minimum duration of one year through a NZQA accredited tertiary provider, or if you have graduated from such a course within the last 12 months and, in either case, have your income direct credited to your YouMoney account. Your Tertiary fee waiver/discount eligibility to apply for the other product benefits or to continue to have an Interest Free Overdraft will expire after five years, or 2 years after you graduate, whichever is the lesser, unless you discontinue studying (in which case you are no longer eligible for the waiver/discount or other product benefits). Upon turning 19 years, a customer may be charged a monthly account fee on their YouMoney account (if they are not eligible for another type of fee waiver/discount, such as YouMoney Tertiary).

  4. A month refers to the period from the last business day of the previous month to the second to last business day of the current calendar month.

  5. Personal OnCall is not available for Companies and Trusts.

  6. Lending criteria, establishment and facility fees apply. You must be 18 years or over and be a permanent NZ resident. No Fly Buys points can be collected as part of the YouMoney Tertiary Advanced Personal Loan. If you are a student/apprentice you are not eligible for advanced personal loan insurance. Up to $1,000 interest free overdraft for first year students, $1,500 for second year students and $2,000 for third and subsequent year students and graduates. Your eligibility for an "Interest Free Overdraft" expires after 5 years after you were first entitled to apply for the YouMoney Tertiary Interest free Overdraft, or 2 years after you graduate, whichever is the lesser, unless you discontinue studying (in which case you are no longer eligible for the Interest Free Overdraft). Once you are no longer eligible for the Interest Free Overdraft the Bank's prevailing Personal Overdraft Base Interest Rate (plus any applicable margin(s)) will apply to the Overdraft and all amounts exceeding the credit limit.

  7. YouMoney customers with their NZ Super or foreign equivalent direct credited into a YouMoney account will have their monthly account fee waived. You must inform the bank when this starts occurring.

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