Mobile banking

Put your banking in the palm of your hand with our Personal Mobile Banking app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Check your account balances, transfer money, top up your mobile, and more - all on the go. 

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Mobile Banking features

  • Login with only your Internet Banking password (iPad, iPhone and Android apps)
  • Check your available funds, account balances, and transaction details
  • Add payees and edit your existing payees
  • If you have YouMoney you can open additional accounts
  • Transfer money, pay bills and view or delete upcoming payments
  • View account balances, without logging in (iPad, iPhone and Android apps) 
  • Top up any Vodafone or 2degrees prepaid mobile (iPad, iPhone and Android apps)
  • Quickly pay for Trade Me items you’ve won by linking your Trade Me account (iPad, iPhone and Android apps)
  • Join BNZ without going into a store.

Manage your YouMoney account with mobile banking

If you have a YouMoney account, you can use our Mobile Banking app to open new accounts.

More about YouMoney

Mobile Banking on your iPhone or Android smartphone


Wherever you can access the internet, Mobile Banking gives you the most popular Personal Internet Banking services in a smartphone-friendly format. You can transfer money while on holiday, pay a bill between meetings, top up any Vodafone or 2degrees prepaid mobile, and check your credit card balance before you grab a bargain.

And if you’re not already a BNZ customer, you can join without going into a BNZ store. You’ll need photo ID, (a passport or NZ driver license) and a recent bill that shows your name and address.

Secure banking on your phone

iPad, iPhone and Android apps

With our Personal Mobile Banking apps, Mobile NetGuard will provide the second layer of security for your banking. Mobile NetGuard is also embedded within the Mobile Banking app on your device and works automatically to authenticate your details when you login from that device.

Once Mobile NetGuard is activated, (using your NetGuard card), you can login with only your Internet Banking password.

Other smartphones

Our mobile-optimised site uses the same secure login features as BNZ Internet Banking. Just go to on your smartphone, and login with your Internet Banking access number and password, entering selected values from your NetGuard card, as usual.

If you’re not already an Internet Banking customer, register now.

For added security, if you’re logged into Mobile Banking but haven’t done anything for five minutes, we'll automatically log you out. That way, no-one else can continue your session from your mobile device.

Smartphone-friendly services

Get the banking services you need when on the go, in a format designed for smartphones.

  • Check your account balances, including your credit card
  • See deposits and withdrawals for the last 30 days
  • Quickly transfer money between your accounts
  • Make a same-day payment to anyone on your BNZ Internet Banking bill payee list or into any New Zealand bank account
  • Check upcoming payments
  • Find your nearest BNZ store or ATM (iPhone and Android apps)

No extra charge

Mobile Banking and Internet Banking have no registration or monthly user charges. Your usual account and service fees do apply though.

Get Mobile Banking today

There's no sign-up or registration process, you just have to be a BNZ Personal Internet Banking customer. Mobile Banking is ready to go.

Not yet registered for Personal Internet Banking?

Compatible smartphones and mobile devices

Mobile Banking is designed for newer mobile phones with web browsers and touchscreen controls. In general, if the internet works well on your mobile phone, then Mobile Banking should as well. If you’re using an iPad, iPhone, Android, or smartphone you should be fine.

See what devices are compatible with the iPhone and Android apps.