Internet banking

Get your online banking done at any time that suits, 24/71. You can check on your accounts, transfer money, pay bills and send us secure messages from any computer that’s connected to the internet, anywhere in the world.

Now you’ll get your money faster

You can now access deposits from other NZ banks the same day we receive them, whether it’s a one-off payment or a regular payment like your salary. Find out more.

24/7 Access

Do your banking when you choose. Quickly check an account balance or analyse your finances for as long as you like. Time is on your side.

Move your money

Shift money between your BNZ accounts as often as you choose. Top up your credit card, or move cash in and out of your savings.

Pay other people

Pay your bills or put money into any New Zealand bank account. No cheques, no queues and no fuss. You can even plan ahead and arrange payments for the future.

Export transactions

Managing a budget is easy when you can download your transactions into Excel or money management tools.

Get alerts

Set up txt or email messages that can let you know your account balance, whether a payment has been made or if your balance is low.

Gives you easy control of your money

You can use Internet Banking to simply keep an eye on your account balances or manage your money online. It’s up to you.

Here's a taste of what our Internet Banking service has to offer:

  • Your banking is secure with the use of a NetGuard card when you log in
  • You can transfer funds between your accounts and make  payments into your credit card account
  • You can pay bills such as your rent and power, or pay money into any New Zealand bank account
  • Money transferred from one BNZ account to another is immediately available in the account you send it to
  • Use the option to request online statements for transaction and savings accounts and help us to save paper and care for the environment
  • Set up and manage text or email alerts2 to let you know when certain things happen with your accounts, like your balance getting low
  • View and manage the international payments you receive from one easy-to-use page

Small Print

  1. Maintenance sometimes required.
  2. Fees apply.

Internet Banking Terms & Conditions PDF 2MB