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Adding new users

Adding new users when registering

The first user you’ll create when you register for Internet Banking for Business is the ‘Initial Site Administrator’, who will manage your site.

After the Initial Site Administrator is set up, you can add more users. Each new user needs a unique ID and an Internet Banking for Business role. We’ll email the Initial Site Administrator and the new users a temporary new password once the registration is complete.

Every new user will get a NetGuard token. When you add a new user, we’ll ask for an address where we can send the token.

If the user already has a NetGuard token, you can link it to their new login profile. Have the serial number for the token handy when you’re adding them to your site.

Adding a new user after registering

Any user with administration permissions can add new users after registering for Internet Banking for Business.

Log in to Internet Banking for Business, then:

  • Go to the ‘Administration’ tab of your Internet Banking site:
  • choose ‘Add a User’ from the left-hand menu
  • fill in the form, giving the user a unique ID and setting their role; a temporary password will then be emailed to them
  • print off a copy of the form
  • get the form signed by the owner(s) of your company’s BNZ bank accounts
  • get together any other documents that we’ve asked for on the application form, scan and email everything to us at

If the new user has an administration role or will authorise payments, we’ll need to see original or certified copies of their ID.

Adding users with authorisation or administration permissions

We need more information about users that will authorise payments or have an administration role.

If they’re already a BNZ personal or business customer, you’ll need to give us their: 

  • name
  • relationship to the business that owns the site (e.g. owner or employee)
  • BNZ account or ATM card number
  • NetGuard token serial number if they already have one.

If they’re not registered with BNZ we’ll also need:

  • their date of birth
  • their home address and proof of address (a bank statement or recent bill)
  • some ID like a New Zealand Driver Licence or passport. Depending on the type of ID you give us, we may also need a second ID.

Verifying new user IDs

To complete a new user’s registration, we'll need to see original copies of their ID. Take a signed copy of the new user’s application form, and original copies of their ID and address documents to your nearest BNZ Partners centre or BNZ branch. We’ll verify the documents and take copies.

Alternatively, you can get the documents certified by a trusted referee, and then scan and email them to

Trusted referees

A trusted referee needs to be at least 16 years old; not a relative, a spouse, or living at your address; and one of the following:

  • Commonwealth representative
  • An employee of the Police who holds the office of constable
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Registered medical doctor
  • Kaumātua
  • Registered teacher
  • Minister of religion
  • Lawyer
  • Notary Public
  • New Zealand Honorary consul
  • Member of Parliament
  • Chartered accountant.