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High governance

There are several ways you can provide additional security for your business and meet your internal governance needs with Internet Banking for Business.


Set up your site so two users are required to authorise a payment.

  • Users with permission to authorise payments will be notified that there are payments to be authorised when they log in. 
  • You can check a payment’s status and authorise it in either Internet Banking for Business or the Mobile Business Banking app.

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Authorisation types

Authorisation Types lets you have separate groups authorising payments:

  • You can assign authorisers to one of three different types: A, B or C. 
  • You can set payments to be authorised by different groups, e.g., the accounts team could be type A authorisers, and company management type B authorisers.

Payments will need to be set to two-to-authorise to enable authorisation types. Changes can be made at any time, by submitting a signed form. Contact your Relationship Manager to learn more.

Admin Plus

Admin Plus means two Site Administrators are required to complete the below tasks:

  • Assigning new users and setting their passwords.
  • Resetting passwords for existing users.

Site Administrators cannot change their own permissions – another Site Administrator must do this for them.

We recommend you have at least three active Site Administrators at all times before enabling this service. Contact your Relationship Manager to learn more.

Audit log

View login and administration activity of all users across all accounts, including:

  • exact times and details of user creation or changes including limit assigning or password editing
  • user login activity, and whether Internet Banking for Business was accessed from a desktop or the Mobile Business Banking app.

Go to ‘Audit Log’ under the Administration tab to check if you have access already. If not, contact your Site Administrator.