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Managing your home loan

Life can change and so can your home loan needs. We like to make it easy for your home loan to change with you. If you want to reduce costs, repay a lump sum, borrow more, move house or check your options at the end of a fixed rate period, we're here to help.^

What would you like to do?

Reduce costs

Make a lump-sum repayment

  • Making lump-sum repayments means you pay off your loan faster and pay less interest overall.
  • If your loan is on a fixed interest rate, early repayment charges may apply.
  • Most of our fixed rate home loans let you repay up to 5% of the original loan amount each year without early repayment charges.


Whether you’re planning to build a deck, knock out some walls, or upgrade your bathroom, we can help you find the best way to pay for your renovations.

Top up your home loan

Great for large to medium-sized renovations, e.g. upgrading your kitchen

Topping-up is borrowing more money on top of your existing home loan. The amount you borrow can be added to your home loan or taken out as an additional loan. Because you’re using your home loan to borrow the funds you need, you get to take advantage of home loan interest rates, which are usually lower than a personal loan or credit card.

You can apply to top-up your home loan by any amount over $5,000.^

Re-draw your extra home loan repayments

Great for medium renovations, e.g. building a deck

If you're on a variable interest rate and you've made extra repayments to the principal of your home loan (on top of your minimum repayments), you can apply to get those extra repayments back  ('redraw').^

Move to a new home

  • With BNZ, when you move to a new home your loan can move with you.
  • You can apply to transfer the security for the loan to your new home.
  • This can save you time and money by avoiding the new loan documentation process and the possibility of having to pay early repayment charges for a fixed interest loan.

Find out what happens when you move off a fixed interest rate

  • When your home loan comes to the end of a fixed interest rate period you have several options, such as re-fixing your home loan or changing to a variable loan. If you are re-fixing your loan, you can choose to Ratelock any current fixed interest rate. This means you can secure a current fixed interest rate before your loan comes to the end of its fixed rate term. You can 'lock' in that rate for up to 60 days and you'll get that rate when you re-new your existing fixed home loan. (Ratelock fee may apply.)
  • We'll be in touch nearer the time and we'll explain the options carefully then help you choose what's best for you.

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Small Print

  1. Lending criteria, and establishment or redocumentation fees apply.  A Low Equity interest rate premium may apply. Not available for business purposes or packaged offers. Early repayment charges may apply. 

  2. Full details, TotalMoney Terms and Conditions, and disclosure statement may be obtained free of charge from any store or this website.

  3. Top up fee applies and subject to lending criteria. 

  4. Subject to lending criteria. Conditions apply.