Residential property investment

Whether you’re new to property investment or a seasoned investor, get the support of our dedicated property specialists.

Our residential property investment specialists can help you to be a successful landlord, arrange competitive rental property finance and could help you save thousands on your property investment lending, using products such as our award winning TotalMoney and our tailored repayment option.

If you have a BNZ home loan, you may also qualify for a HomeAdvantage MasterCard for your personal use, giving you a credit card at a mortgage rate.

Property investment specialists

Our specialists are passionate about property investment and are available over extended hours — 7:30am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday.  Loans of up to $1 million can be approved by our property investment team within 48 hours.2 In Auckland, residential property investment clients can contact one of our dedicated mobile specialists, Jeremy Stapleton or Rohit Rup, seven days a week.

Experience and understanding

Our specialists understand the unique demands of property investment. With your goals in mind, we can help you fine-tune your investment plan and choose the finance solution that’s best for you — and are happy to work seamlessly with your lawyer and accountant.

Investment-friendly lending criteria

Unlike some other banks, BNZ recognises 80% of your rental income when completing your lending application — helping you to achieve your property investment goals.

In addition to rental properties, lending is also available on4:

  • Apartments
  • Properties under constructions
  • Leasehold and lifestyle properties
  • Terraced housing

Optional cover for landlords

Optional insurance protection can be purchased6 specifically for your needs with PremierCare Home Insurance. This includes cover for sudden an accidental loss to the landlord’s contents on the property and any intentional damage tenant’s cause to the rental property. Loss to rental income should tenants leave without notice or tenants need to be evicted is also covered.

Unique banking services that save you money

For example, with TotalMoney7 you can:

  • Use the money in your rent, maintenance and transaction accounts to reduce the interest you pay on your TotalMoney variable home loan by lowering the effective interest rate. Calculate what you could save with TotalMoney
  • Have up to 10 accounts for just $10a month (service and facility fees apply) —  an account for each property and its repairs and maintenance
  • Receive free text or email alerts, like confirmation that payments, such as rent or insurance, have been made into or out of your accounts.

First-time residential property investor?

When it comes to buying a rental property, everyone’s needs, goals and strategies are different. Discover if residential property investment is for you.

Property Investor commentary

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Home loans help and support

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Small Print

  1. Interest only loans up to 10 years are only available to approved applicants
  2. Account opening and lending criteria apply. 48 hours applies to business days only and provided all required information is supplied.
  3. Property used must be mortgaged to Bank of New Zealand. Subject to normal lending criteria.
  4. Normal lending criteria applies. Restrictions may apply to some security types and will be subject to the Bank's valuation criteria.
  5. Subject to the bank's lending criteria. Fees, rates, tiers and margins are subject to change
  6. Limits apply, refer to your policy wording for more details. PremierCare Home Insurance is available through Bank of New Zealand (BNZ), and is underwritten by the insurer, IAG New Zealand Limited (IAG), a member of the Insurance Council of New Zealand Inc. BNZ does not guarantee the obligations of IAG. BNZ receives a commission for arranging PremierCare Home Insurance.
  7. Account opening and lending criteria apply. Establishment or redocumentation fees may apply.  A Low Equity or Low Doc interest rate premium may apply. TotalMoney is not available for partnerships, businesses with an annual turnover above $1 million or businesses managed by BNZ Partners. TotalMoney loans must be secured by a mortgage over a residential property.
  8. Fees subject to change. Fees are charged on the last business day of each calendar month and are based on the period between the last business day of the previous calendar month and the second to last business day of the current month, inclusive.

Account opening and lending criteria apply. Our current Disclosure Statement and Qualifying Financial Entity Disclosure Statement may be obtained from any BNZ store or Partners Centre or viewed on this website.