A zero percent rate is smart.
A zero balance is smarter.

Get 0%p.a.^ for 12 months when you transfer a balance from another credit or store card to a BNZ Low Rate MasterCard.

After 12 months the standard purchase interest rate will apply to transferred balances.

Switch your balance to a Low Rate MasterCard

Our Low Rate MasterCard is a great option for a balance transfer. You can pay off the money transferred from your old non-BNZ credit or store card at 0% p.a., and you can take advantage of a great low rate of % p.a. on any new purchases.

How to apply

Get a BNZ credit card

The first thing you need is a BNZ credit card. They’re all eligible except for our Business First Visa. Get one now if you don’t already have one.

Apply for a credit card now

Balance transfer

Complete the online application and we’ll transfer your balance. This could happen overnight or within 10 business days, subject to approval.

Transfer your balance now

What can I save with a balance transfer?

Calculate how much you can save by transferring the balance of your non-BNZ credit card to a BNZ card. ^

0% p.a.
Amount saved in first 12 months

How balance transfers work

Interest on the amount you transfer

At 0% p.a., your transferred balance will accrue no interest for 12 months.

If any of your transferred balance hasn’t been paid off and is still on your credit card after 12 months, you’ll be charged the standard purchase interest rate on this amount. Check out our credit cards rates and fees.

Interest on any new purchases

You’ll pay the standard purchase interest rate on any new purchases you make with your card (purchases made with the card do not qualify for the 0% p.a. rate).

For standard purchase rates check out our credit cards rates and fees.

Making repayments

All credit card repayments will go towards paying off your transferred balance first. Any purchases (or cash advances you make) won’t be paid off until you've cleared all the transferred balance.

Need more help?

Get answers to frequently asked questions, and find out more about how balance transfers work and rules that may apply.

If you still need more information, we can give you a call.


Compare credit card rates, fees, & benefits

See every rate and fee for each of our cards, so you can choose the card that’s right for you.

Compare BNZ credit cards

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