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Credit card fees explained

Cash Advances

You’ll pay $1 to use a BNZ ATM, internet or phone banking; $2 to use another bank’s ATM in NZ. Staff-assisted cash advances will cost $3 in NZ^. The cash advance fee doesn’t apply to overseas withdrawals^.

Late Payments

If you’re late paying your credit card bill, a $2 late payment fee may apply.

Over your limit

If you go over your limit, a $2 fee may be applied to each statement until your credit card account is back within its limit.

Foreign currency

We charge 2.25% of the NZ dollar value on every foreign currency transaction. 

Change your card type or increase your limit

If you already have a BNZ credit card, you can change it to a different card, or increase your credit card limit online.

All our cards come with these security features

Cover for fraud

In the unlikely event you’re a victim of fraud, our Zero Fraud Liability guarantee means we’ll repay any transactions you didn’t make, as long as you’ve met your credit card terms and conditions.

Online safeguards

Our credit cards come with an extra layer of security - Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. This helps prevent your card details being used online without your permission.

Purchase protection

If you buy something online and don’t receive it, or return an item and don’t get a refund, our NetPromise policy means we can help get your money back if you let us know within 30 days of getting your statement.

ATM technology

Our liquid encryption technology updates the security information on your card’s magnetic strip every time you use it at a BNZ ATM. This helps us detect if your card has been copied without your knowledge.

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