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Whether you want a card that earns rewards or a low interest rate, we've got you covered.

Credit cards that reward you

BNZ Advantage rewards credit cards

Earn Fly Buys points or Cash Rewards1 - your choice, with a BNZ Advantage card.

Load up on gifts, not interest

Don't blow your budget this Christmas. Get approved for a Low Rate MasterCard2 between 27 October 2015 and 13 December 2015 and pay 0% p.a. for 6 months on new purchases.

After 6 months the standard purchase interest rate (currently 13.45%) applies. Lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply.3

Get debt-free faster with a balance transfer

Switch to a BNZ credit card and you could get -% p.a. for 12 months on balances transferred from a non-BNZ credit or store card, when you also have your income paid into one of our transaction accounts. Plus, until January 2016, each month you reduce your card balance, you’ll go in the monthly prize draw to have up to $2,000 of your repayment matched by us. Conditions apply. After 12 months the standard purchase interest rate will apply to transferred balances.

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An everyday Eftpos card that lets you shop with the convenience of a credit card.

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We’ve got security sorted

You'll never have to worry about security with one of our credit cards because we take security just as seriously as you do. Learn more.

line liquid lock

World leading card security

Our liquid encryption security technology re-secures your card each time you use it at one of our ATMs.

line shield

You’re covered for fraud

If you’re a victim of fraud, our zero fraud liability guarantee means we’ll pay any transactions you didn’t make as long as you’ve complied with your card’s terms and conditions.

line umbrella

Protect your purchases

Take advantage of extended warranties, insurances, and our lowest price guarantee on items you purchase.

Exclusive rewards

If you're a BNZ Advantage cardholder you'll get exclusive rewards at bnzadvantage.co.nz. Whether it’s holiday packages, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive shopping or dining benefits — you'll unlock a world of choice at bnzadvantage.co.nz.

Compare credit card rates, fees, & benefits

See every rate and fee for each of our cards, so you can choose the card that’s right for you.

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Small Print

BNZ lending criteria, the relevant credit card terms and conditions and account fees apply. Fly Buys terms and conditions apply. 

Read our full credit card terms and conditions

  1. Rewards are earned on eligible purchases, which exclude cash advances, balance transfers, interest charges, bank fees, gambling, betting and lottery transactions, government charges and unauthorised transactions for which you are not liable. 
  2. Your eligibility for the Low Rate MasterCard is subject to BNZ approval. The standard account fee for the Low Rate MasterCard, which is currently $5 per month, will be charged to your card once your card is approved (other fees may also apply).   
  3. To be eligible for a 0% p.a. purchase interest rate on new purchases for 6 months (“0% p.a. Interest Period”), you must open a Low Rate MasterCard between 27 October 2015 and 13 December 2015. The 0% p.a. Interest Period begins on the date your card is approved (not the date you first use your card), and applies for 6 months. After this period, the standard purchase interest rate for a Low Rate MasterCard (which will be higher and is currently 13.45% p.a.) will apply to any outstanding balances and to any new purchases you make on your card.  To retain your low interest rate of 0% p.a. during the 0% p.a. Interest Period you must comply with your card’s terms and conditions.