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Purpose codes

When you make an international payment, depending on the destination country, you may be asked for a purpose code. This code helps regulators understand the purpose of your transaction.

If you’re sending an international payment in Internet Banking for Business or the BNZ Business app, you can add the purpose code in the Payment reason field of your transaction.


All international payments to and from Bahrain need a purpose code.

Purpose code format for Bahrain

/ORDERRES/BH//PCC (or the correct three character purpose code)

To see Bahrain’s purpose codes, visit the Central Bank of Bahrain website. Then download the ‘Purpose Codes, Explanatory Notes, and Examples’ PDF.


A purpose code is required for Chinese Yuan (CNY) or Chinese Renminbi (CNH) payments to China.

Purpose Code
/PYTR/GOD/ Cross-border goods trade
P/PYTR/(P)RGOD/ Fund return for cross-border goods trade
/PYTR/STR/ Cross-border service trade
/PYTR/(P)RSTR/ Fund return for cross-border service trade
/PYTR/CTF/ Cross-border capital transfer 
/PYTR/(P)RCTF/ Fund return for cross-border capital transfer
/PYTR/OCA/ Other current account transactions
/PYTR/FTF/ Financial institution transfer 

Purpose code format for China

Purpose code/invoice number (free text)


If you’re sending an international payment to Indonesia, you’ll need to provide a purpose code if either you or the recipient is a non-resident. You can ask your recipient for the purpose code. 

If the purpose code is 1011 or 2012 (exports/imports), you’ll need to add the invoice number and amount. 

Purpose code formats for Indonesia

  • Free text/purpose code
  • Free text/purpose code//invoice number (invoice amount)