Help & Support

Adding a beneficiary

You can add a beneficiary in Internet Banking for Business or the BNZ Business app.

  1. Log in to Internet Banking for Business.
  2. Select International from the menu.
  3. Click Add a beneficiary from the left-hand menu.
  4. Select To
  5. Select Someone new - Create a new payee.
  6. Enter the payee's name, nickname (optional), the currency you want to pay them with, and the country of their bank. 
  7. Depending on the country and currency you selected you'll be asked to enter either:
    1. an account number with a valid national clearing code or SWIFT code or
    2. a valid IBAN number.
  8. Enter the payee's street address and country. You can also choose to enter an email address, in which case your payee will notified once BNZ has sent your payment to them. 
  9. Click Save payee to set up a payment for your new payee.