Help & Support

Using your NetGuard Token with Client Fund Service

All online Client Fund Service users require a NetGuard token to log in. The first time you use your token you’ll need to activate it. To activate your token, log in to Client Fund Services (CFS) with your access number, user ID and password. A temporary PIN will be displayed along with step by step instructions.

If you need help, you can call 0800 269 4242, Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm or +64 4 9318234 if you’re overseas (international toll charges may apply).

Don’t know your token’s PIN or your token is locked

If your token is locked or you don’t know the token’s PIN, you will need to reactivate the token.

Your token will lock when an invalid PIN is entered five times and will display a LOCKED message.

To reactivate the token, you’ll need to complete the Request to unlock or reactivate my NetGuard token form (PDF 26KB)

What to do if your NetGuard token is lost, stolen or damaged

If your token has been lost, stolen or not operating due to damage or a flat battery, you’ll need to complete a request a replacement token or bypass form (PDF 40KB).

Changing your PIN on your token

You can change your PIN at any time by following these steps:

  1. switch on your token and enter your 4-digit PIN
  2. press the MENU button. When CHANGE PIN is displayed, press OK and follow the on-screen prompts.

NB: You will not be able to re-use an old PIN.

Using NetGuard token to access multiple BNZ online services

You can use a single NetGuard token to access multiple BNZ online services.

You need to:

  • advise the serial number of the NetGuard token you wish to keep
  • advise the Access number(s) you now wish to use the above NetGuard token with
  • arrange for the administrator(s) of the Access number(s) to sign the Client Fund Service - Combine tokens form (PDF 55KB).

How to reset the passwords for other users if you are an Administrator

As an Administrator, you can reset the password for all other users, except your own. To reset passwords, visit the Administration section of online Client Fund Service, and select User List from the menu on the left-hand side.

You have the option to ‘reset password’ for each authoriser and sub user. Once the password is reset, the user must log in to online Client Fund Service within 3 days or the temporary password will expire.

What to do if you are an Administrator and have forgotten your password

If you have forgotten your Administrator Client Fund Service password, you can:

  • get another Administrator to reset your password. It is recommended that you have two Administrators as this provides a backup Administrator to reset each other’s passwords, should one of you become locked out
  • complete the Request a new Client Fund Service Password form. You can find this form any time, by selecting Online Help link on Client Fund Service login screen.