We’ve been helping property investors and developers for many years. Everything we’ve learned along the way is helping us to provide financial services that are more tuned to your unique needs.

Supporting your initiatives

Over the years we’ve gained a special appreciation of the challenges you face. For instance, we know about the need for competitive interest rates and flexible funding facilities. And we understand your sense of urgency, because good opportunities don’t hang around for long.  We collaborate easily with the solicitors, real estate agents and other professionals that you choose to work with.  Our approach is purpose-built to support the success of your initiatives.

Where your BNZ Partner can make a difference

  • Purchasing or developing commercial or industrial property
  • Refinancing your existing property
  • Land subdivision projects
  • Construction of hotels and motels
  • Developing storage facilities and car parks
  • Developing aged-care villages and facilities

Products and services that work harder for you

Your BNZ Partner can suggest financial products and services that are tuned to your organisation’s needs. 

ProjectPlus finance facility

A flexible facility designed specifically for development projects. The total project funding amount is agreed at the outset and becomes progressively available.

Everyday banking

Business bank accounts that offer low fees, overdrafts and easy access through online options.

Online banking and payment solutions

Internet Banking for Business and various payment solutions that offer faster, more efficient ways to pay your suppliers and be paid by your customers.