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Get ahead of the game by managing purchases and payments quickly and easily and gain valuable market insight with our analytics tools.

Taking payments

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With an EFTPOS terminal, you can accept all Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay International credit and debit cards as well as all major New Zealand debit cards.

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PayClip lets you take payments from Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, via swipe, contactless or chip and PIN, wherever you have data coverage on your smartphone.

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Alipay is the world’s largest online and mobile platform. It enables businesses to provide a seamless payment experience for Chinese visitors, students, and recent migrants to New Zealand.

Switch on contactless payments

Accepting contactless payments at your terminal means your customers can pay using their contactless card, Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Processing payments

BNZ Securit-e

Process customer card transactions by connecting directly to BNZ, or using a Paymark certified Payment Solutions Provider. BNZ Securit-e supports 3D Secure, an extra layer of security that helps to reduce fraud and chargebacks.

Payment Express

An online payments solution for e-commerce, recurring, batch, iPhone, unattended and EFTPOS transactions, that is fully PCI DSS compliant. 3D Secure is also supported, providing an extra layer of security to help reduce fraud and chargebacks.



Our range of Buy-Line+ products offer businesses a smart and secure way to efficiently process orders and transactions online.


CurrencySelect lets your international customers pay you in New Zealand dollars, but they’re debited in a currency that they know.


Managing payroll and expenses


A quick and simple cloud-based payroll solution that lets you make payments from anywhere, at any time so you know your staff will always be paid.

Find out more about EdgePayroll


Save time and get clear visibility of your business-related expenses with this easy-to-use, internet-based expense management solution.

Find out more about FlexiPurchase

Customer insights and analytics


A tracking and reward service that helps you gain insight into your customer base and gives you the ability to offer “card less” loyalty and reward programmes.

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Understand who your customers are, where they come from, and how they spend with Marketview — a powerful analytics and reporting tool.

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MyBusiness Live

Review insights from your business apps like Xero, Shopify, and Google Analytics, on one dashboard, to see how different parts of your business are performing^.

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