Specialised loans and finance for property investors and developers

A BNZ Property Specialist can help you select finance that suits your investment strategy, and payment structures that meet your needs. 

Finance your investment with a term loan

Terms and rates

Choose the fixed rate period that works best for you – terms from 90 days to five years. At the end of each applicable fixed rate period, you can switch to a fixed rate period of your choice.

Payment periods

Payment periods are flexible.  For example, you could choose to make payments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – whatever suits your circumstances. Interest-only payment options are available to approved borrowers.


If you’re buying an investment or commercial property, your term loan can be secured by the property you want to purchase or some other unencumbered property. If your loan is for property development, other security may be required.

A revolving credit facility for property developers

ProjectPlus is revolving credit facility ideal for a property developer who needs easy access to property finance.

Agreed limit

The total limit on the facility is agreed upfront, and becomes available once all conditions in the facility agreement are met.


View your facility on Internet Banking for Business so you always know how much you’ve drawn down and your total limit.

Save money

You could pay less interest than with a term loan, because you only pay interest on the money you’ve drawn. Plus, the credit limit is based on your project costs.


Fit your timeframe

The lifespan of your credit facility is generally determined by your project timeline, providing you access to funds to pay creditors when you need it^.

Get support from a specialist

Discuss your options for financing your property investment or development with a BNZ property specialist.

Call your BNZ Partner or send us an enquiry

Rates and fees

Our interest rates are tailored to suit your business and its borrowing needs. Rates are subject to BNZ’s lending criteria and terms and conditions, and will also depend on a number of other factors such as the term of your loan and the amount you wish to borrow.

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