Loans and finance for all your business needs

Get extra funds to finance your business growth or to help free up cash flow.

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Flexible finance for businesses of all sizes

Term loans

Our term loans let you select your interest rate and term, and a repayment period to suit your cash flow.


There’s no fixed term, pay interest on the debit balance only, and make lump sum repayments anytime.

Equipment you need, when you need it

Apply for up to 100% funding for new and used business assets such as healthcare equipment, forklifts, vehicles, manufacturing machines and equipment, and structure repayments to meet your cash flow. 

A loan that helps small businesses save

A TotalMoney for Business loan helps small businesses or start-ups (turnover up to $1 million) save, by using their everyday business accounts to reduce (offset) the interest they pay.

Lending for medium and large businesses

Loans and finance for BNZ Partners customers (businesses with a turnover of over $1 million).


Total Business Lending Facility

Offers the flexibility to choose how you fund your business growth and manage your own cash flow requirements.

Customised Average Rate Loan

Get a tailored solution just for your business and help manage your risk with this customisable portfolio loan.

Committed Cash Advance Facility

A flexible facility that lets you draw down term loans, up to your agreed limit, whenever it suits your business cash flow.

Revolving credit facility

CreditPlus is a revolving credit facility on hand to help with purchasing capital equipment or funding your business. 

Finance solutions for BNZ Partners

Invoice finance

Maximise your cash flow with funding that lets you access up to 80% of the value of your credit sales invoices.

Trade finance

Improve cash flow and manage trading risks with expertise and finance for importers and exporters.

Finance for property investors and developers

A BNZ Property Specialist can help you select finance that suits your investment strategy, and payment structures that meet your development’s needs.

Rates and fees

Interest rates for business vary depending on which account or product you have. See rates and fees