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Making a deposit in store

We have more than 170 stores nationwide and they all have an express deposit tower. This means if you’re depositing less than $10,000, there’s no need to wait in a queue. You just put your cash, cheques and deposit slip into one of the Express deposit bags. If you are only depositing cheques just put your cheques and deposit slip into the ziplock Express cheque deposit bag and drop it in the tower.

Making a deposit at an ATM

We have around 160 ATMs nationwide that are designed to accept deposits. You simply select the account you want the money to go into, and enter the amount you’re depositing. The ATM gives you an envelope and a deposit receipt.  

Put your cash (notes) and/or cheques, together with the deposit receipt into the envelope and put it into the deposit slot and you’re done. Best of all, you can do it at any time of day or night. To find your nearest BNZ ATM that accepts deposits check our handy ATM locator.

Cash deposits made before 4.30pm on normal business days will become cleared funds in your account within two business days. If you make your deposit after 4.30pm or on a weekend, it will be collected on the next business day and cleared within the next two business days. Cheques are subject to normal clearance times. 

Freepost through the mail

With our freepost deposit service you can deposit cheques, but not cash, through the mail. Just pick up some freepost deposit envelopes from one of our stores and you’re ready to go. There’s no extra charge and you won’t pay postage. 

Your freepost deposits will show on your bank statement like any other deposit. And when you’re running out of envelopes you can order some more using the re-order form on each envelope.

Need deposit bags?

Save time and direct order Express Deposit bags and coin bags online.