Keep your stuff safe with contents insurance

Get the right cover for valuables, such as jewellery, cameras, art or sports equipment in case they’re lost, stolen or damaged.


Most items that are lost, damaged, or stolen are covered for their full replacement value, regardless of  age. Individual items such as jewellery and cameras have policy limits unless a higher limit is specified.

Special items

You can also name specific items in your policy, such as an artwork over $10,000 and a piece of jewellery over $3,000. You're automatically covered for up to $2,000 for watercraft (including small boats and water sports equipment) and up to $1,000 for loss of money or credit and debit cards.

Sports equipment

Golf clubs and bags are covered for the cost to replace these, and other sports equipment (including bicycles) are covered for their current value.

Frozen food

Claim for perished food and other damage caused by the perished items if your fridge or freezer suddenly breaks down or there's a long power cut.

Gradual damage

Be covered for up to $3,000 annually for hidden gradual damage caused by water leaking from an internal tank, water pipe or waste disposal pipe at your home.

Overseas travel cover

If you're travelling to Australia or the South Pacific for three weeks or less, your personal effects are automatically covered for up to $5,000.

Additional protection with PremierCare

Living costs

Up to $20,000 for additional living costs for up to 12 months if you're unable to live in your home following damage or loss to the home and contents. If your contents are a total loss, you'll also receive a $2,000 stress payment.

Earthquake cover

In the event of an earthquake, PremierCare will cover you for the difference between your Earthquake Commission (EQC) payout and the sum insured under your policy.

Legal liability

PremierCare Contents Insurance will provide you with up to $1 million legal liability cover if you accidentally damage someone else's belongings or property.

Have your kids moved out? Their contents may be covered, too

If your kids have left home to study, their contents may be covered under your insurance policy. 

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More reasons to insure your contents with us

Choose your excess

Standard excess of $250 applies to claims, which means you’ll pay the first $250 of the claim. You can reduce your premiums by choosing to have a higher excess.

Multi-policy discounts

If you have contents insurance plus another type of PremierCare general insurance with us, you may be entitled to a package discount. If you have a burglar alarm, you may qualify for a discount.

Earn Fly Buys

Collect Fly Buys^ points based on the premium you pay. Premiums can be paid fortnightly, monthly or annually.

Manage it online

View your insurance details online in Internet Banking. See your policy details anytime, or find out how to make a claim.

Sustainability upgrade

When replacing an item of whiteware that’s less than 10 years old as a result of a claim, the insurer may pay for a more energy-efficient model.

Special benefits for people over-55

If you’re over 55, you won’t pay an excess or have your no-claim discount affected if you make a claim only for spectacles, contact lenses, dentures, or hearing aids.

PremierCare Contents Insurance

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Insurance help and support

Call 0800 808 618 (from overseas call us collect on +64 9 985 0103). Available 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday, and 8.30am-5pm on weekends.

To make a claim, call 0800 248 888. Available 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday.