Save money with a balance transfer

Get 0% p.a. for up to 12 months when you transfer a balance from another credit or store card to a BNZ credit card^.

How our balance transfer works

At 0% p.a. you’ll pay no interest for 12 months on the balance you transfer to our BNZ Lite Visa, or no interest for 6 months if you transfer your balance to a BNZ Advantage card. If you haven’t paid it off after the interest-free period, you’ll be charged the standard purchase interest rate on the remaining amount^.

Transfer balances from
multiple cards

Transfer as many balances as you like from any non-BNZ, New Zealand issued credit or store cards. Your BNZ credit card just needs to stay within 95% of its credit limit.

Pay off high-interest
balances first

Your payments will be applied first to the balances on your statement that incur a higher interest rate e.g. cash advances and purchases, before balances with a lower interest rate such as a balance transfer. Find out more

Interest on any new transactions

Our 0% p.a. rate only applies to the balance you transfer, so any new purchases or cash advances will be charged at the standard purchase or cash advance interest rate with no interest free days^Our rates and fees.

How to apply

Step 1. Get a BNZ credit card

The first thing you need is a BNZ credit card. They’re all eligible for a balance transfer except for our HomeAdvantage and Business First Visa credit cards. Apply now if you don’t already have one.

Step 2. Transfer your balance

Complete the online application and we’ll transfer your balance to your BNZ credit card. This could take up to 10 working days, subject to approval.

Calculate how much you could save

Move the sliders to see how much you could save if you transferred a balance to a BNZ Lite Visa^.

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