Advice and services for your business

Trusted financial partnerships

Our relationship managers understand the needs of your industry. They're up to date with the latest developments and requirements - which means that you'll be working with partners who are already experts in the field.

We work with financial institutions both here and overseas. We have relationships with 370 global banks and 150 New Zealand-based financial institutions including:

  • Banks
  • Brokers and investment banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Fund managers
  • Financial services companies
  • Finance companies

Building your business

We help you grow your business with a range of different financing services that include:

  • Deposit solutions
  • Transactional banking
  • Markets products like foreign exchange and interest rate swaps
  • Securitisation
  • Wholesale clearing services

Debt capital markets and securitisation

Raise the capital you need to grow your business through debt capital markets.

We can help you explore capital raising solutions in New Zealand and overseas from options that include securitisation and the US Private Placement market.

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Access to our whole team

Get the support and advice of our entire institutional banking team, including:

  • Interest rate and foreign exchange risk management to help you make the most of your assets
  • Highly respected market research and commentary to help you understand the latest financial developments
  • Digital transactional products that make life easier - and that includes our intuitive Internet Banking for Business system

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Relationship managers in other sectors

Our Relationship Managers understand the ins and outs of your industry and can help grow your business, launch a new project—or just keep things ticking over. Find a Relationship Manager for your industry: