Financial markets

Whether you’re a domestic or multinational organisation, we can work with you to identify, understand and manage your financial markets risk—helping you be good with your shareholders’ money.

What we can do for your business

Foreign exchange

Our specialists in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch offer expert guidance on how best to manage your foreign exchange risks—and can structure and execute the most effective foreign exchange risk management solution for you.

We work across the entire spectrum of business in New Zealand, with deep and broad experience in the foreign exchange market. Our access to the National Australia Bank (NAB) global network means you’re always up-to-date with new market developments.

We cover up to 29 currencies across the Pacific, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Products include:

  • Spot foreign exchange
  • Short term forward foreign exchange
  • Long term forward foreign exchange
  • Vanilla foreign exchange options
  • Structured foreign exchange options

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Commodity risk management

Whether you’re producing or consuming commodities, our specialists can help you identify your exposures and come up with the best solution for your commodities risks.

We work with you to:

  • identify your exposure
  • lock in the best rate for your raw materials
  • reduce the impact of unfavourable price changes.

We offer hedging solutions with cash settlement in agricultural, energy and base metals - letting you get on with the side of your business that you have control over.

Interest rate risk management

With specialists right across New Zealand, we can help you understand the nature of your interest rate exposure and how your changing debt profile will affect your net earnings.

Our connection to NAB gives us insight into the constantly changing global interest rate markets, and our local team of market economists provide up-to-date analysis on all the factors that influence domestic and international interest rates.

Our products include:

  • vanilla and structured interest rate swaps
  • swaptions
  • caps and floors

We also offer a range of tailored business loans that include our flagship Customised Average Rate Loan (CARL) through our Business Markets team.

Income and investment solutions

We can help you make your money work harder. Our team will create a tailored specialist investment solution that recognises your need for liquidity and regular income flows, while also giving you top-dollar returns.

We can help you with your income-based investment needs – with options like Flexi and Floating rate deposits, our Rolling Deposit Account cash solution, and a range of fixed income products.

Financial institutions

Our Financial Institutions Sales team offers products and services to institutional, smaller financial organisations, not-for-profit organisations and family office investors. Fixed income products include:

  • fixed income and floating rate investments
  • interest rate derivatives
  • cash and term deposit products.

We help institutions hedge and rebalance their international investment portfolios, with foreign exchange spot, forward and currency options.

And our specialist currency hedging product, Currency Overlay, is designed to help institutions and consultants that are managing international fixed income and equity portfolios.

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Product disclosure statements

BNZ has, under Part 3 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, lodged (on 26 October 2017) replacement Product Disclosure Statements (each a PDS) for regulated offers of forward exchange contracts and foreign exchange swaps and currency options (vanilla options, currency protection transactions, variable forward participator contracts and variable forward range contracts) to be issued by BNZ. A copy of each PDS may be obtained here or on request and free of charge by phoning BNZ on 0800 658 882.