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Mobile NetGuard

What is Mobile NetGuard?

Mobile NetGuard is software that is embedded in the Mobile Business Banking iPhone and Android apps. It replaces NetGuard token as the second layer of security for mobile banking, and automatically authenticates your details when you login.

The first time you use the Mobile Business Banking app, you will need to activate Mobile NetGuard using your NetGuard token. You only have to do this once, then you can log into Mobile Business Banking with only your Internet Banking for Business password.

Can I log into Mobile Banking before my NetGuard token arrives?

No, you need to log into Mobile Banking with your NetGuard token first, in order to activate Mobile NetGuard.

What should I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

If your device is lost or stolen, logging in to Mobile Business Banking on another device will disable Mobile NetGuard on the lost phone.

Or, if you have set up Mobile Business Banking on multiple devices, go into Settings > Manage Devices in the app on the device you still have, and disable the lost device.

You can also ask your business’ Internet Banking administrator to disable your Mobile Business Banking access, or call 0800 269 4242 (+64 4 931 8234 if you’re overseas).

Once I have activated Mobile NetGuard do I still need my NetGuard token?

Yes. You’ll need it to login to Internet Banking for Business from a computer, to activate Mobile NetGuard on a different device, or reactivate Mobile NetGuard in the future, if you need to.