Help & Support

Closing a BNZ Business app account

If you want to close your BNZ Business app and Internet Banking for Business account, call us on 0800 269 4242 or +64 4 931 8234 from overseas (international toll charges apply).

Your app is linked to Internet Banking for Business which means you’ll no longer be able to log in, view accounts, or make transactions in either the BNZ Business app or Internet Banking for Business.

The products and services you have with us won’t be changed. You can set up a new app or Internet Banking for Business account at any time.

Information we’re required to keep

If you close your app and Internet Banking for Business account, we still need to keep data about the account where we’re required to. We’re required to hold personal information under several New Zealand and international laws, usually for at least seven years.

Types of information we collect

We collect certain information within the BNZ Business app (called ‘BNZ Mobile Business Banking’ by Bank of New Zealand in Google Play and the App Store) to enable you to do your banking and meet our legal requirements.

The types of data we collect include:

  • personal information e.g. name, email address, user IDs
  • your banking activity in the app
  • device ID for your smartphone or tablet.

You can read more about how we collect, use, protect, and share personal information in our privacy policy.