EFTPlus lets you gain deeper insights into your customer base and gives you the ability to offer "card less" loyalty and reward programmes to create repeat business and a loyal customer base for your company.

  • Offer a "cardless", customisable, automated and fully branded rewards program using your customer's EFTPOS card as their loyalty card.
  • Understand how your business is performing through EFTPlus' analysis of your electronic transaction data.
  • Analyse your EFTPlus data through your own customised online dashboard and send targeted text messages and emails to specific segments of your customers within minutes.
  • Track and measure the response rates to your rewards programmes and campaigns in real time.

Know your customers and your business

EFTPlus can give you an overall picture of who your customers are and what they are buying by looking at their electronic transactions at your business. You can also get information on the size of your customer base, how many times people visit your business, and the average time between each customer's visit.

If your business processes a reasonable level of daily electronic payment transactions through Paymark, EFTPlus's performance updates can help you understand this important demographical information about your customers.

Offer "cardless" loyalty and rewards programmes

By knowing information about your customers, you will be able to participate in a more engaging and cost effective manner by offering your customers customised loyalty programmes and rewards using their EFTPOS card. All they need to do is register their card and use it to buy things from your business; their EFTPOS card becomes their loyalty card – no need for stamp cards or paper vouchers. Customers can track their loyalty points and rewards on their smartphone.

Build loyal relationships with your customers

An EFTPlus data analysis will allow you to market to specific sections of your customers and send targeted text messages or emails with special offers at anytime using your 'online dashboard'. You could send a text message to your top 50 customers who haven't visited your business for 3 months, or maybe get rid of some old stock by sending a special offer to some of your customers.

This will allow you to build loyal relationships with your customers and regularly stimulate repeat business to drive revenue for your company with minimal management, letting you get on with running your business.

For BNZ customers

If you are a BNZ customer, you can get a 50% discount off the EFTPlus initiation fee.

Simply fill out the EFTPlus Expression of Interest Form and a representative from EFTPlus will get in touch with you directly and help get you started.^

More information

For more information and to sign up visit the EFTPlus website.

If you have any questions, call EFTPlus on 0800 338 758.

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