BNZ Securit-e

With access to easy, real-time, online processing of your customers’ card transactions 24/7, there’s no need to call or make a trip to the bank with BNZ Securit-e.

  • Connect directly to BNZ, or use the services of a Paymark certified payment solutions provider.
  • Each transaction is authorised in real time with all approved financial transactions settled directly to your account.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant
  • Build your own payments page or use a secure page from a Paymark certified solutions provider

American Express and Diners Club

If you have merchant agreements with American Express and Diners Club you can also process transactions in New Zealand dollars from those cards and payment will be settled directly by those schemes.

Fraud tool

BNZ Securit-e offers an optional secure ID field. Secure ID is a risk management tool that provides an additional security check of the information embossed on the credit card.

A choice of customer payments pages

You can build your own payment details entry page for your internet customers, call centre staff or administration staff to use. Your other option is to let customers enter their credit card details directly into a secure page provided by your Paymark certified payment solutions provider.

Improve online transaction security

Protect your business and your customers with 3D Secure, an additional layer of security to make online shopping transactions safer, by authenticating a cardholder’s identity at the time of purchase.

Online administration keeps you in control

You have online access to our system administration. This makes it quick and easy to manage things like reconciliations and access controls for your staff.

Payments help and support

If you have questions or need help call 0800 737 774

Small Print

Securit-e will be part of your merchant services facility and merchant services fees, charges and Terms and Conditions will apply.

Although BNZ Securit-e will normally be available 24 hours a day, maintenance of the system will be required from time to time. However, this maintenance will be carried out at times which are designed to cause you the least disruption.

A Certified Solutions Provider is a company which has been specially certified and trained by Paymark to support companies using BNZ Securit-e. Your chosen Certified Solutions Provider can integrate the software into your business, providing ongoing support with testing and certification.

To accept American Express and Diners Club transactions you must have a facility with those card schemes. Settlement will be completed directly with you by those card schemes.