A recipe for a happier, healthier workforce

Our workplace financial wellbeing programme is designed to help your employees reach their financial goals. The bottom line? Increased productivity, engagement, and retention.

How we can help

When you bank with us, we can provide easy access to tailored content and guidance for your employees. 

Financial health checks 

Our one-to-one financial health checks can be held onsite, over the phone, or at a BNZ branch. These 45-minute sessions offer a personalised, impartial review of an individual’s finances. Your employees will come away with clear goals and an action plan to achieve them.  

Group workshops

Our presentations take the mystery out of topics such as budgeting, managing debt, saving, investing, KiwiSaver, and home ownership. They run for up to an hour and are delivered onsite at a date and time that suits you. These workshops provide practical, unbiased information - there’s no sales pitch - and are available to all employees, whether they bank with us or not.

Your team is your biggest asset

Two-thirds of people feel concerned about their finances, and 83% of employers say money problems impact employee productivity*. Taking care of business means taking care of people, so they can reach their full potential.

Good for business

  • Improved performance  
  • Reduced employee stress 
  • A more engaged workforce
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Better employee retention

Good for people

  • Better knowledge and understanding of their money
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced anxiety 
  • Improved job satisfaction

What employees say

“I have been so impressed with BNZ. The financial health check completely exceeded all of my expectations and I have recommended it to some of my colleagues already!”

“The financial health check was well worth having. Everyone should have one. The staff were amazing.”

 “I brought my reluctant husband and both of us went away feeling reassured and hopeful.”


What employers say

“An extremely good programme that BNZ offers its customers, and for many of our staff possibly the first time they have had an expert give them some financial information on this level.”

“BNZ fitted in with us. All appointments were on time and to the timeline, which is crucial when running a business.”