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View foreign exchange rates and see how we can help you manage your international business payments and foreign exchange transactions.

Foreign exchange and financial markets

Foreign exchange rates

Up-to-date exchange rates to help you manage your international business.  

  Australia United States Great Britain Euro Japan
BNZ sells (TT & Cheque)^
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FX Online

The simple and easy way to help you manage your international business payments and foreign exchange transactions in Internet Banking for Business.

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Ways to manage your foreign currency

Foreign Currency Term Deposit

Earn a competitive return on a lump sum of foreign currency you don’t need for a while with a Foreign Currency Term Deposit.

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Foreign Currency Call Account

Hold a wide range of overseas currencies and convert it when the exchange rate is right for you.

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Financial markets

Our Financial Markets team provide specialist assistance and risk management products and services to businesses that have exposure to interest rates, exchange rates or commodity prices.

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Want to do business in Asia?

If you’re looking to do business in Asia, our dedicated Asia Business Team and network of Asia specialists around the country can give you tailored advice and support for your business and help you grow in this fast developing region.

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Speak to an Asian banker 

Our Asian business banking team speaks your language.

Our Asian business banking team are native speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Malay. They work with you on a complete banking solution and can be your one-stop-shop for all your banking needs. They’re also available to help you with your personal banking needs.

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