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Rates and fees for home loans not on sale

If you have a home loan with us that is not on sale, you’ll find the rates and fees for your home loan below.

BNZ Advantage home loans

At this stage, BNZ Advantage home loans^ are only available to customers who had a GlobalPlus home loan.


  • For your fixed rate, refer to your loan documentation.
  • The current floating rate^ is 8.69%. You can also see your rate in Internet Banking.


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Name Rewards Extra Repayments Interest only Repayment Holiday

BNZ Advantage
(formerly GlobalPlus)

Cash rewards^

Cash Rewards

Enjoy Cash Rewards on your BNZ Advantage home loan at a rate of $1 for every $1,000 outstanding on your loan balance each year.  For example, that’s $350 a year on an average home loan balance of $350,000.

Cash Rewards will be allocated based on the average monthly balance of the loan. Cash Rewards are calculated and paid monthly.

The Cash Reward earned will be credited each month to the transaction account your home loan payments come out of, or an account of your choice (in New Zealand and in your name).