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YouWealth fund updates

Important notes about YouWealth quarterly fund updates.

We have prepared this information in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA). This information is not audited and may be updated.

The FCMA requires these quarterly fund updates to contain fee information for the 12 month period ending 31 March each year and return information to the date that each fund update is prepared for. 

Fund update for the period to 30 June 2019

Income Fund PDF 731KB
Moderate Fund PDF 687KB
Balanced Fund PDF 701KB
Balanced Growth Fund PDF 714KB
Growth Fund PDF 718KB

Fund update for the period to 31 March 2019

Income Fund PDF 627KB
Moderate Fund PDF 627KB
Balanced Fund PDF 600KB
Balanced Growth Fund PDF 644KB
Growth Fund PDF 637KB

Fund update for the period to 31 December 2018

Income Fund PDF 838KB
Moderate Fund PDF 815KB
Balanced Fund PDF 810KB
Balanced Growth Fund PDF 817KB
Growth Fund PDF 816KB

Fund update for the period to 30 September 2018

Income Fund PDF 744KB
Moderate Fund PDF 741KB
Balanced Fund PDF 739KB
Balanced Growth Fund PDF 754KB
Growth Fund PDF 730KB

Fund update for the period to 30 June 2018

Income Fund PDF 746KB
Moderate Fund PDF 737KB
Balanced Fund PDF 746KB
Balanced Growth Fund PDF 742KB
Growth Fund PDF 751KB

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