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Changing how accounts are displayed

There are a few different ways to customise the display of your accounts so that you’re able to view them based on your personal preference. 

Reordering your accounts

  1. From the main screen, hover over the top-left corner of the account until Move account appears.
  2. Click and drag it to where you want it to go.

7 order accounts v2

You can’t reorder your payees. They’re ordered according to how often you pay them, with the most frequently paid on the left.

Switching between grid and list views

Internet banking shows your accounts laid out in a grid by default, but you can change that to a list view at any time.

To switch between grid and list views, simply click the icon to the right of the Overall balance on the main screen. Your settings are saved, so the next time you log in to internet banking, your main screen will show the account view you last selected.