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Paying out your term deposit at maturity

You can change what happens to your term deposit at maturity in Internet Banking^.

When you’re more than 14 days away from your maturity date, you can choose to be paid out the full amount at maturity. If you’re setting up to reinvest, you’ll be able to select a term but you won’t see the interest rates yet^

When you’re within 14 days of your maturity date, you may be able to lock in a special interest rate through Internet Banking^. Special interest rates are available for selected terms only. You can also increase or decrease the amount you reinvest

You’ll have the flexibility to come back and change what happens at maturity as often as you like, right up to the business day before your term deposit matures. 

Follow the steps below, or use the downloadable guide. 

How to get your term deposit paid out at maturity 

  1. Log in to Internet Banking. 
  2. From the main screen, click on your term deposit account.
  3. Click Change what happens at maturity.
  4. Read the Before you begin information, and click Next.
  5. Select Pay out to account.
  6. Click the drop-down menu and select the account you wish to have the sum paid out to, and click Save.

Download the guide

How to pay out your term deposit at maturity PDF 663KB

Watch our video

Watch our video on how to manage your term deposit using Internet Banking, which explains how to:

1. Reinvest the full amount of a term deposit (0:26).
2. Reinvest an increased or decreased amount in a new term deposit (2:02).
3. Pay out your whole investment (3:23).