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Opening a new term deposit

You can open a term deposit^ account in Internet Banking^. Follow the steps below, or use the downloadable guide. 

  1. Log in to Internet Banking. 
  2. Click  Add an account [+]. This appears next to or below your existing accounts.
    Note: if you get an error message, or don’t see the option to add an account, it may be because you don’t meet the requirements. Call us on 0800 275 269  and we can help.
  3. Select Term Deposit. If you don’t see Term Deposit as an option, click More options. Or click Menu, Apply Now and select Open a term deposit
  4. Click Create.
  5. Enter the amount you want to invest, choose the account you want the funds to come from and click Next.
  6. Choose the term you want to invest for and click Next.
  7. Choose how you want your interest paid and click Next.
  8. Check the details on screen are correct and click Open. Your term deposit will be opened immediately.

Download the guide

How to open a term deposit online PDF 784KB