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Card settlement payments

If your daily card processing settlement payment is made to a BNZ account, you can view and access the amount as soon as it has been processed (not applicable to manual transactions). 

Processing card transaction settlements daily means you’ll have your day’s card payment amount in your BNZ account around 11pm every day – 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Things to be aware of

  • We’ll be processing both payments and refunds to your account, so if your card refunds are more than your card sales in one day, your account balance will reduce.
  • Making your money available faster will not affect any interest calculations as these are based on your business day balances.
  • Our normal checks for fraudulent transactions will still apply, which means we retain the right to withhold funds if fraud is suspected.

Card settlement payments to another bank

If you have your card processing settlement payment made to an account at another bank, your payments will be received on business days only. Settlement of card processing on weekends or public holidays will be made the next business day. The other bank determines when you can view the payment and access the funds. If you’d like to get to these funds faster, call us on 0800 275 269 to chat about our account options.

Small Print

All merchant services are offered subject to BNZ’s merchant assessment process and BNZ’s Merchant Terms and Conditions. Fees, charges and conditions will apply.