BusinessFirst Liability Protection

Affordable and flexible cover to protect your small-to-medium business against the possible consequences of a statutory, employer or third party liability claim.

Quick and easy

With the help of BNZ, BusinessFirst liability protection is quick to arrange with the insurer, IAG^ and easy to understand. There’s no paper involved in applying, you simply pick up the phone and we’ll take it from there.

Designed with small-to-medium businesses in mind

BusinessFirst liability protection^ is easily adapted to suit your budget and the level of cover your business requires. This also means that when the size or nature of your business changes, it’s easy to change your cover to suit.

Comprehensive cover

BusinessFirst liability protection is designed to meet your immediate insurance needs. It provides protection against insurable risks arising out of claims made by third parties that a small business is potentially exposed to on a daily basis. This protection includes the following general types of cover. Specialist liabilities can also be covered if required.

  • General indemnity - for example, a plumber breaks the plumbing at a house and this affects the neighbour’s sewage as well
  • Service and repair - for example, a mechanic is fixing someone’s car when the garage burns down or is broken into and the car is damaged or stolen
  • Bailee’s liability - for example, a warehouse stores goods such as apples for someone else and the fruit goes off, or the goods are damaged because of a fire or storm
  • Tennant’s liability – for example, the office you rent is damaged by water because a tap was left running
  • Statutory – for example, you’re fined for not complying with statutory legislation even though it was unintentional
  • Employer’s liability – for example, a claim is made against you for not complying with employer-related legislation

Give your business the benefit of our experience today

Our experienced and skilled commercial insurance partners can help you to choose the right cover for your business. Even if you’re already insured, we’d welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how BusinessFirst liability protection offers competitive and realistic insurance in one time-saving comprehensive package.

Need help?

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please call:

  • Small businesses - 0800 269 763
  • Medium to large businesses - Partners, 0800 273 916

Small Print

  1. BusinessFirst business liability protection insurance is arranged through Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) and is underwritten by the insurer, IAG New Zealand Limited (IAG), who is a member of the Insurance Council of New Zealand Inc. BNZ does not guarantee the obligations of IAG. BNZ receives a commission for arranging the insurance. For full details of the insurance cover available (including terms, conditions, excess amounts, limits and exclusions) please refer to the relevant policy wording in the General Terms and Conditions.