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Making contactless payments

All BNZ Visa cards come with contactless technology. This means when a retailer offers ‘contactless’ as a payment option, you can pay without having to swipe or insert your card at the terminal. Your card never leaves your hand, just hold it for a few seconds on the terminal reader.

If your purchase (transaction value) is more than $200, you may need to enter your PIN at the terminal. Just hold your device near the contactless terminal and use Face ID, Touch ID or your device passcode to make the payment.

Accounts linked to your cards

When you make a contactless purchase with a BNZ Visa credit card, the payment will come out of your credit card account.

If you make a contactless purchase with your BNZ Flexi Debit Visa, the payment will come out of the account that is set up against ‘Credit’. By default, when we set up your Flexi Debit Visa, we make the ‘Credit’ and the ‘Cheque’ accounts the same, but you can change which accounts are linked to the ‘Cheque’, ‘Savings’, and ‘Credit’ options.

If you’ve linked other accounts to ‘Cheque’ or ‘Savings’ on any of your BNZ Visa cards, and you want to pay from these accounts at a contactless terminal, you’ll need to insert your card instead. Then choose your account in the normal manner and enter your PIN.

Download the guides 

Download and print our guides on how to manage and set up contactless payments, with the BNZ app on your iPhone or Android device.