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Switching between Flybuys and BNZ Rewards

If you have a BNZ Advantage Visa card, you can switch between BNZ Rewards^ or Flybuys^ but you’ll only earn one reward type per month. You can swap between BNZ Rewards and Flybuys up to six times a calendar year.

How to switch your rewards

  1. Log in to your personal Internet Banking or BNZ app^.
  2. Click or tap on your BNZ Advantage Visa card and select Rewards.

Your current selected rewards programme will show at the top of your screen.

Switching from Flybuys to BNZ Rewards

  1. Scroll down to Switching to BNZ Rewards.
  2. Click or tap Switch to BNZ Rewards.
  3. Click or tap on Switch to confirm your selection.
  4. Click or tap on OK to finish.

You’ll earn BNZ Points on all eligible purchases you’ve made during the current calendar month and subsequent months, instead of Flybuys.

Switching from BNZ Rewards to Flybuys

  1. Click or tap on the profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Your rewards scheme.
  3. Scroll down to Flybuys.
  4. Click or tap on Link Flybuys account.
  5. Enter your Flybuys account number. (If you’ve previously earned Flybuys, your Flybuys account number will show as linked to your account.)
  6. Click or tap on Confirm.
  7. Click or tap on Switch to confirm your selection.

Your BNZ Points balance will be converted to Flybuys, and will be included in the amount earned for the current calendar month.