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Redeeming BNZ Points

You can redeem your BNZ Points for:

  • travel - flights, hotels, and rental cars worldwide
  • transfers to other participating airline and hotel loyalty programmes
  • eGift cards
  • cash back to your credit card account
  • Flybuys.

To see the full range of reward choices available, visit

If you don’t have enough BNZ Points to redeem for a travel reward, you can use a combination of BNZ Points and cash. For other reward types, you’ll need enough BNZ Points to cover the full amount. For all redemptions, a minimum number of required BNZ Points applies.

Once you’ve redeemed a reward, you’ll receive an email confirmation. You can use a different email address for travel bookings or eGift card redemptions. This won’t affect any personal details we have on file for you.

Any BNZ Points left after you redeem a reward will remain in your account until you make your next redemption, or until they expire (three years after they were earned).

BNZ Points that are transferred to Flybuys will show up in your Flybuys balance within 10 business days.

BNZ Points that are redeemed for cash back to your credit card account are credited to you within 10 business days. Cash back redemptions won’t count towards your minimum credit card payment amount.

If your redemption or travel booking was unsuccessful, your BNZ Points will be refunded immediately and any amount deducted from your credit or debit card will be credited back within 10 business days.