Personal loan repayment calculator

Enter your personal loan details, then click Calculate to see your estimated repayments.


What could a Personal Loan cost?

As an example, if you borrow $5,000, over 2 years at 17.85% p.a. with monthly payments of $252, your total interest cost will be around $1,042. A loan facility fee of $50 has been included in this calculation.

Small Print

About our personal loans and this calculator: 

This calculator is intended as a guide only. The estimated repayment amount is not a quote or offer from BNZ. If you apply for a personal loan, we will review your application and your results may differ from what is indicated by this calculator.

How the calculator works: 

We have made the following list of assumptions to calculate your approximate personal loan repayments: 

  1. The current Advanced Personal Loan variable interest rate doesn't change during the term of your loan. Note that in reality, interest rates are likely to change over time. 
  2. You make all your required monthly repayments in full and on time.
  3. You don't make any additional lump sum repayments or increase your monthly repayments above the standard repayments.
  4.  You are not charged any fees (other than the loan facility fee) during the term of your loan.