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Advanced Personal Loan

Ideal for one-off events, purchases or debt consolidation.

  • Up to three months to draw down the loan1
  • Flexible repayment option
  • Get a handy card that can be used wherever Visa is accepted
  • Collect Fly Buys Points2

Advanced Personal Loan is changing

From 2 May 2014, this Advanced Personal Loan won't be available. Instead, we'll be offering you a new and simplified Advanced Personal Loan. The new Advanced Personal Loan will have different features and benefits, including;

  • no longer having a Visa card attached to your  loan
  • having the loan transferred to your nominated account in one lump sum within 21 days of your loan account being opened
  • no longer being able to collect Fly Buys points
  • potentially a different interest rate and fee structure (as soon as this is finalised we'll let you know).

You'll be able to get the full details of the new Advanced Personal Loan from 2 May 2014.

More detail

Set it up now and borrow within three months

If you're planning for something important like a wedding or buying a new car, or just want to consolidate debt, you can get your Advanced Personal Loan1 set up now and borrow at any time over the next three months. 

The minimum loan amount is $1,000 and the maximum is $30,000. And there's a one-off facility fee of $250 that's charged to your loan as soon as it is approved. The fee can be part of your loan.

Borrow as you go with a handy loan card

Within the three month draw-down period, your Advanced Personal Loan card can be used wherever Visa is accepted, or to get cash at an ATM3. You can even consolidate your existing debts into one personal loan by paying the debts off with your card.

Repay your loan as you choose

Set your own regular monthly payments to repay your loan within a time you choose, between three months and five years. You can make your payments by direct debit, telephone or internet banking, automatic payment and at any BNZ store. If you decide to pay your loan off more quickly, you can make extra payments whenever it suits. We'll send you regular detailed statements and with BNZ Internet Banking, you can check your balance online anytime.

Loan repayment insurance

You'll automatically get personal loan insurance4, unless you tell us you don't want it. The premiums will simply be added to your monthly payments. With this insurance, your loan payments will be covered5 if your income is disrupted due to accident, illness, death, bankruptcy or redundancy.

Collect Fly Buys Points

With our Advanced Personal Loan, you'll collect 1 Fly Buys Point2 each month for every $1000 that's outstanding on the balance of your loan. Plus you'll collect 100 Fly Buys Points2 the first time you use your loan.

A special rate to help students and graduates

If you have a student or graduate banking package with us, we'll give you a special interest rate instead of Fly Buys Points and we'll waive the $250 loan facility fee on your Advanced Personal Loan.

All interest rates are current as at the dates shown below and are subject to change without notice.

 Rates and fees
Loan type % p.a.
View rates here
Service fee Charge for service
Loan Facility Fee6 $250
Account fees
Personal Loan Insurance premium 47c per $100 balance at statement cycle
Cash Advance Fees:
- Electronic7

- New Zealand non BNZ ATM
- Teller assisted
- Overseas

(first cash advance on Advanced Personal Loan exempt)
Late payment fee $15.00
Foreign Currency Service fee8 2.25% of the NZ dollar value of every Foreign Currency Transaction (as defined in the relevant personal loan terms and conditions). The Bank does not charge a foreign currency service fee on purchase reversals (which does not include purchase refunds (on which we charge a foreign currency service fee)), ATM reversals and chargebacks, and credits a foreign currency service fee that is calculated as a percentage of the New Zealand dollar value of the reversal or chargeback.
Statement copy fee $5.00
Voucher copy fee $25.00


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