Pay for one-off purchases

Borrow between $1,000 and $30,000 with an Advanced Personal Loan and get instant access1 to your money once you’re approved.2

Your BNZ Advanced Personal Loan

Our Advanced Personal Loan is a fast and convenient way to get money for a big ticket item you’ve had your eye on or consolidate your debt.

Flexible repayments

Pay off your loan in regular monthly repayments over a time period that suits - any time between three months and five years. You’ll pay no early repayment charges or additional payment fees. 


Easy to manage

View your loan balance or make repayments whenever you like, using internet or telephone banking. 

Top ups

Request a call back and we'll get in touch to talk about your options. 

Discounts for tertiary students and graduates

If you’re a student or graduate, we’ll waive the loan facility fee and give you a lower interest rate. Request a call back.

What you need to know

Draw downs

You have up to 21 days to draw down your loan after it's been approved.


Interest will only be charged from the first day of the loan term.

23 or under

If you're 23 years or under we'll need to have a chat before starting your loan application. Request a call back

Protect yourself with Advanced Personal Loan insurance

Get help with your personal loan repayments if illness, an accident, bankruptcy or redundancy affects your income. Your premiums will be added to your monthly repayments.3  More about Advanced Personal Loan insurance

Rates and fees

For loans approved on or after 16 May 2014

-: - (% p.a.)

For loans approved on or before 15 May 2014

-: - (% p.a.)

Service fees

Loan Facility Fee2: $250

Account fees

Advanced Personal Loan Insurance premium: 47c for each $100 of your outstanding loan balance at the end of each statement cycle

Late payment fee: $15.00

Statement copy fee: $5.00

Personal loans help and support

If you need some help, call 0800 800 667

Small Print

Lending criteria apply

  1. Subject to being an existing BNZ customer.
  2. A loan facility fee applies, unless otherwise stated. Loan facility fee will be charged on the date the account is opened. This fee will be reversed if the loan is not drawn down within 21 days.
  3. Advanced Personal Loan Insurance is arranged by BNZ and is underwritten by Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Limited (Cigna). BNZ receives a commission from Cigna for arranging Advanced Personal Loan Insurance. BNZ does not guarantee the obligations of Cigna and will not be liable if Cigna refuses a claim. Cover is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy document.

Terms and conditions

Advanced Personal Loan standard terms and conditions PDF 147KB
(for loans approved on or after 16 May 2014)

Advanced & Anytime Personal Loan standard terms and conditions PDF 254KB
(for loans approved on or before 15 May 2014)