Get on top of your debt

If you’re battling with multiple sources of debt such as credit cards, hire purchases, or an overdraft, consolidating it into our Advanced Personal Loan could make it easier to manage.

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-% p.a. Total rate

We’ll help make it simple for you

Lower Payments

Get on top of debt and ease financial worry through consolidation as you’ll have just one loan with a lower monthly payment overall.

One Location

When you consolidate your debt from multiple sources, your balances are combined into one total amount. This means you’ll only have one repayment to keep track of.

Choose your terms

With the ability to choose the term of your Advanced Personal Loan, and flexible repayments, you get control of managing debt in a way that fits your individual needs.

Debt consolidation its desk

Is debt consolidation the right choice for me?

If you’re struggling to keep on top of your finances, a debt consolidation loan could help, but first follow our five pointers to check if it could work for you.

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