Invest with flexibility

YouWealth is a managed fund that gives you all the advantages of investing, with the flexibility to access your money when you need.

  • Suitable for people willing to take investment risk to get potentially higher returns
  • Recommended investment timeframe: 5 years +

Choose between our five funds

Each fund offers a different level of risk and potential for returns depending on the mixture of assets the funds are invested in.


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This fund aims to achieve higher returns over the long term.

This fund aims to achieve medium to high levels of return over the long term. This fund aims to achieve a medium level of return over the medium to long term. This fund aims to achieve moderate returns over the medium term. This fund aims to achieve relatively stable returns over the short to medium term.
Fund name Growth Balanced Growth Balanced Moderate Income
Investment timeframe 10 years+ 10 years+ 7 years 5 years 3 years
Annual fund charge 1.40% 1.35% 1.30% 1.20% 1.10%

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A flexible way to invest

YouWealth provides you with more options when it comes to managing and growing your wealth.

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Bonus payments

Bonus payments^ are calculated and paid each month, and are based on your average daily account balance in that month. The bigger your account balance is, the more your bonus will be.

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Access your money

Unlike a KiwiSaver account or term deposit, your money is not locked away for a fixed term, so you can invest and withdraw your money when you need it. Minimum withdrawal amounts apply.

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Top it up

Top-up your investments whenever you like. The easiest way is to set up a regular automatic payment. Alternatively, you can make lump-sum payments when it suits you.

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Advice and support

Our BNZ Authorised Financial Advisers provide free, personalised financial advice to help you work out if YouWealth is right for you. 

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How your money is invested

Each YouWealth fund is made up of a mixture of assets like shares, cash, and bonds, each with a different level of investment risk and potential return. 

We’ve selected specialist investment managers to manage these assets and invest in assets that meet our responsible investing policy.

How money is managed  Responsible investment policy

Tools to help you decide

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What fund could suit you

Answer a few simple questions to identify which YouWealth fund could best suit you based on the amount of risk you’re willing to take and the length of time you’re planning to invest for.

Find your fund

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Calculate potential returns

Our balance calculator can help you decide how much to invest by calculating how your balance might grow over your chosen investment time frame.

Investment calculator

Learn about investing

If you’re new to investing or in need of a quick refresh, then our introduction to investing video can help you get up to speed with the basics of investing and how it works. 

Things to know

  • Investments can go up and down so you could end up with less money than you put in. That’s why it’s important to choose a fund that matches your attitude towards risk.
  • Each fund is a portfolio investment entity (PIE) and the amount of tax you pay will be based on your prescribed investor rate (PIR).
  • You’ll pay fees for investing in a managed fund. Fees are deducted from your investment and will reduce your returns.

Product Disclosure Statement

BNZ Investment Services Limited, is the Issuer and Manager of YouWealth. A Product Disclosure Statement for YouWealth has been lodged at (search for YouWealth). 

Download a copy of the current YouWealth Product Disclosure Statement  PDF 877KB, or pick up a copy from a BNZ Branch

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